The New House

We have been moving stuff into the new house at a somewhat slow pace because the trailer has been hauling, mostly, antique vehicles. So what was brought was stuff to “keep house” at a minimal level.

The vehicles were a priority since they were parked at a friend’s house and I didn’t want to overstay their welcome.

Also slowing us down was both of us catching a cold (or COVID). It was the familiar set of cold symptoms and the symptoms lasted as long as those of a cold usually lasts, but since our reaction, stay at home and don’t give it to others, was the same, the name of the illness doesn’t matter.

We now have a clothes washer and clothes dryer, enough clothes to last most of a week, a recliner chair, a sofa, our bed, the kitchen table and chairs, all of the kitchen cookware and the tableware. Everything is in its proper place, so we aren’t having problems moving around the house.

Now that the vehicles are all here, we can move things more quickly and reduce the size of the bills associated with storing all our stuff.

There are not yet many decorative items, nor books, so the house has not yet been “personalized”. This will get fixed with the next load we will haul here.

What isn’t done is our telephone and internet service. The telephone company has to bury their lines, so they have to get the other utility companies (electric company, in this case) to mark (called blue staking) their already buried lines. Normally all of the marking is done within 2 business days…it’s been 12 days and the electric company not yet marked their underground lines. I called them and, “The person who does that is on vacation.” I reminded them of “the 2 days” and “just happened to mention’ the name of the public utilities commission person that oversees the blue stake work…..hopefully that will get things moving.

In the meantime, we are using cellular service, some special antennas and a booster to get the 0 to 1 bar of service. I did a speed test and 0.028Mbit/sec down and 0.020Mbit/sec up. Note the decimal point….good internet speeds are at least 1,000 times faster than these values. I did not do the cellular system design work for this area, so…it’s not my fault. 🙂

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