I was sitting in the front yard this morning and heard a rooster crowing. I was curious, so I started walking along the dirt road to see if I could find the rooster. After walking 1-1/2 miles/2.5km, I found the rooster. Our dog didn’t care about the rooster other than “it should have been another mile or two farther away”…longer walks..

That illustrates the quiet here.

On the way back home, I noticed two cars and one pickup truck driving on the main road. Obviously it was rush hour as there has been only one other vehicle, the post office van, go by in the past 4 hours. In case you’re wondering, I’m defining main road as “paved and two lane”. I’m about 1/4 mile (1/2km) down a dirt road from the main road.

Other than these sounds, the only other sounds I heard were birds singing, my feet making crunching sounds in the sand as I walked and the jingling of the tags on the dog’s collar.

I did go into town to get the mail, get groceries, get potting soil for my huge plant pots, and also a few plants to make a herb garden. I hope the “critters” aren’t pleased with my efforts on their behalf. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Quiet

    • I had to show my driving license for some stuff and they saw it was a CDL (commercial driver license) with a tank endorsement. They asked if I was driving for anyone and when I said “no”, they offered me a job….operating a septic tank pump truck…..sounds better than being in congress or the senate! 🙂

      • Well, that’s probably true but your opportunities for graft and corruption decline the further you are from the swamp. On the other hand, you can shave every morning.

        Semper Fi

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