Plett, Part 2

I made the Swedish pancakes yesterday.  They were good and my family hopes I make them again.  The pictures I took aren’t that great, but it’s all I have. When I’m working in the kitchen I don’t like grabbing the big (full frame) digital camera with potentially sticky hands, so I content myself with cell phone camera pictures.



I had the pan too hot for the batch pictured here.  After I lowered the stove temperature and the pan cooled down, the little pancakes took on a light almost tan color.  With the scorching gone, the “ice cream” flavor became very noticeable.

The recipe mentions lingonberry sauce as a topping.  I had never even heard of that before and, obviously, I didn’t have any.  While the recipe also mentioned maple syrup, I decided to try strawberry jam.

I’m glad I tried the strawberry jam–it goes well with the ice cream flavor..

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