Still Scanning Memories

I recently found some old 120 (or possibly 620) format “Black and White” film negatives showing images of the construction of my childhood home. For her August 21, 1963 diary entry, my grandmother wrote that she had received a letter from my mom saying that the area for the house had been “scraped off and the builder has started work”. Since I can see the “scraping off” had been already done, this image was made in mid to late August, 1963. I was not yet 3 years old

I remember riding on a road grader in the desert and I’m guessing I was riding it when the area for the house was being smoothed off, but I can’t be sure. I find this memory amazing, but I guess I can see why I might remember something so awesome as me (thinking I am) driving a REAL road grader instead of pushing a Tonka Toy road grader while making the engine noises with my mouth! I know I don’t remember anything else from then.

I am “the little one”. My then 9 year old brother is behind me.