CJ3A and Retirement

Next Tuesday, unless I’m back to Puerto Rico, will be my last day at the telephone company.   My employer says I must retire in person, so if I’m on military leave, my retirement would have to wait until I get back.

November 11, 1991 was my first day of employment at the telephone company and October 31, 2017 will be my last day at work.  I drove my yellow CJ3A to work on my first day of employment at the telephone company and I will drive it to work on my retirement day.  It seems only proper to do so.






I mentioned to a TV station engineer that I’m retiring.  They offered me a job before I could even catch my breath.  We were running 8:14 minute miles at the time and it was over 100F degrees (almost 40C), so “before I could even catch my breath” might have been one or two minutes….but still…….

Apparently that engineer told someone else who told someone else, and so on.  I’ve received telephone calls from three other companies asking if I’d be interested in coming out of retirement to work for “them”.

Yet another engineer (he does consulting work for sewer system operators) has asked if I’d be interested in writing software for computers that control sewer systems.

My wife mentioned on her Facebook page that I’m retiring and somewhere she must also have mentioned my commercial driver license and school bus driver certificate because I’ve received telephone calls from two different friends of hers…both are school district student transportation directors and both are asking if I would like to drive a school bus.

My wife has already said how nice it will be for me to come down to her school and help mentor the high school kids in the robotics club.

I still have my government “portable hospital engineer” job and I am still a substitute school bus driver for the elementary school that our daughter attended.

Can I have a 5 minute break between retirement and un-retirement?  Please?


I had my mid-year performance review this past Monday (July 31). The review was the usual good one.

As usual for performance reviews, the supervisor asked, “What would you like to be doing in 5 years?”  Usually this question is expected to be answered in some vague manner, but this time, my answer was clear, specific and had a time frame,

“I want to retire in the next couple of months.”


Anniversary and Potential Retirement

March 4, 1989, at around 12:30pm, my wife and I exchanged wedding vows.  The past 28 years have gone by in what seems like a flash.  We were looking at our wedding pictures and we looked so young back then. 🙂

Also my wife and I have been reviewing our financial situation and we have come to the conclusion that we can retire at any time.  The “one size fits all, but probably not very well” retirement calculators all indicate we have almost twice as much money as we supposedly need to retire at age 55.  We are age 56 and 57.

My wife is going to teach one more year and I’m going to work until January.


Family Vacation

I am in upstate New York, probably 45 minutes from Canada.  We drove the 2500 miles to get here and tent camped along the way.

The first night was in Bluff, UT-a town few have heard of.  It’s in what is called the 4-corners region, which is where Utah, Arizona, Colorado and New Mexico share a border.  It is beautiful and I like the people.  I could live there, but my wife and daughter disagree.

There was a bit of sadness when I drove through this area.  Back in the early 1980s, my girlfriend (and later fiancee) was in a pre-med program with the goal of becoming a pediatrician.  My goal was to become an engineer. Our dream was to find a small town in northern or eastern Arizona, New Mexico, southern Utah or southern Colorado, and move there. I would be an engineer for a power or telephone company or perhaps a government agency and she would set up a medical practice.  We had done a lot of camping and met a lot of people in these areas which is how I came to love the area.

That dream closed with her death and the dream was never fully replaced.  Instead of directing my life, I let my life direct me.  Many years later I met someone else, we married and had a daughter.  She’s now 17 and a senior in high school.  While we didn’t have a dream, we did save money (probably 1/3 of our household income)  for retirement and our daughter’s college education.

A new shared dream is slowly forming….find a semi-rural area in the country to semi-retire…..which is why we decided to drive to upstate New York for a (her) family visit.  So far, the only requirements are semi-rural, hobby friendly, a not terribly extreme climate and friendly people

So far we have made it though Arizona, Colorado, Utah, Nebraska, Iowa, Indiana, Illinois,  Ohio and New York.  On the way home we will wander through the more southern states.