I have a huge orange tree in the back yard and the oranges are ripe, so I’ve been picking them before the rodents start eating them (and decide to create a home in my house/backyard).  Some of the oranges will be eaten, some will be used for making marmalade and many will be turned into orange juice.

So far, I’ve picked over 200 pounds/90kg  (I weighed the boxes) of oranges and I’m only about 1/3 finished with the project.

Normally I will pick enough oranges for my needs and then I call one of the food banks.  For a modest donation of money, they will pick the oranges and take them back to their warehouse for distribution to those in need of groceries.  This year I didn’t call them in time and the food banks had already picked enough oranges for their needs……so I am on my own.

When my needs are met, the remaining boxes, labeled “free, take all you want” will go out on the street a.  And at sundown, anything left over will go into the garbage bin.