Plumbing repairs aren’t my favorite thing.  One thing leads to another, to another, to another and so on and so on and..well you get the idea.

It all started when ET (evil twin) called and asked if I could check out her toilet.  Sounds bad, doesn’t it? 🙂

She gave me a pretty good description of the problem., “The water almost turns off and every 5 or 10 minutes, it comes on full for a few seconds before almost turning off.”

From her description, I knew both the fill and flush valves were having problems.   So, I go there and figure out what I needed; a Mansfield flush valve and a standard fill valve.  I made sure the flush valve did not have any rough spots, so I decided we’d need just the big rubber washer for the flush valve.

Off we went to the hardware store and we got the parts.

I install the parts.  The new fill valve leaks and the flush valve continues to leak.  The fill valve is defective and we need an entire flush valve.

We go back to the hardware store and they give me a new fill valve.  I also get an entire flush valve assembly, the bolts that hold the tank to the bowl and the foam gasket to keep the water from leaking while the toilet is flushing.

Back to her house.

Take the tank off of the toilet, replace the flush valve and put the tank back into place.  Replace fill valve. Turn on the water supply.

No leaks from the tank and both valves seal correctly.  Nice.

Wait.  A drip from the valve on the wall.  Tighten the valve packing. No luck.

Turn off the water to the house and remove the valve.  I get my ferrule puller to get that brass ferrule ring off that no one ever replaces, but should…..and the toilet is in the way.   I look more closely at the ferrule.  It’s *very* corroded and I doubt it will seal again.  Remove the toilet.  Remove the ferrule.  Look at the pipe stub.  It’s OK.  Finally, something is going my way.

Go back to the hardware store and get a new valve and wax ring.

Install the new valve, install the toilet, hook everything back up.

No leaks.

A simple thing that started off as a 15 minute job took from 10:30am to noon to complete.

After I finished, for the next hour or so, we talked and kept going into the bathroom to flush the toilet and look for leaks.

No leaks.  Job done.

When my wife got home I told her I’d spent a few hours over at ET’s house.  I skipped the fixing the toilet part and went right to the, “We talked for quite awhile while repeatedly flushing the toilet.”  I got a weird look.

When I explained what I’d done, she looked relieved.