It Lives

Back in March I posted that my 35 year old corn plant had died and that I threw it out.

Dracaena “Corn Plant” Post

What I did to “throw it out” was to dump out the soil from the planter and spread the soil out on the ground.

Today I was out in the back yard and I noticed a 2 inch (5cm) tall corn plant shoot coming up where I had dumped the old soil.  I got a new planter, filled it with new soil and very carefully made the transplant.

The root ball was small enough that I did not disturb any of the roots, so it should do just fine.  I sure hope so.


Dracaena “Corn Plant”

In August, 1983, when my fiancee was recovering from her surgery, a friend gave her a corn plant.

When she got out of the hospital, she and the plant came to my house and I took care of both of “them”.  When she went to hospice, the plant went with her and I took care of them there.  After she died, I brought the plant home and continued to take care of it.

Recently the plant started to get brown leaves and despite my best efforts, it died.  I hoped it would sprout up from the roots, but it did not, so today I threw it out.

The plant lived for 35 years.  My fiancee lived for 21 years.