My (non) Weekend

Last week I worked at my telephone company job Monday through Wednesday, then Thursday through the following Monday I worked for the federal government and then on Tuesday, I went right back to work at my telephone company job.

The US Department of Health and Human Services has several warehouses throughout the United States that have portable hospitals (and portable morgues for things like airplane crashes) all packed up and ready to ship out.  The trucks can be driven directly to the setup site, or flown (US Air Force) to an airport and then driven to the final setup site.

For this training exercise, we drove a hospital about 600 miles, dropped it off so it could be used in a training event and flew home.  The staff being trained will get to practice setting up and using the gear while the training staff is available to answer questions (and to bring up the weird things that always seem to happen on a deployment).

The training event

The above link is a video, taken a couple of years ago, that shows what goes on during the week long training exercise.  This was likely taken late in the event as things have obviously settled down and are running smoothly.

I’m glad there is a holiday weekend coming up.  I’m kind of tired.

Oh, what I do in this role…in a regular hospital, I and my staff of one would be the facilities engineers.  Once the hospital is set up, which everyone does, we take care of the hospital so the medical staff can use it to take care of people.  We are computer and IT techs, 2 way radio techs, telephone repair folks, electricians, heating and air conditioning people, generator techs, radio dispatchers, truck drivers…and more.