Tomorrow my wife and I are driving to a friend’s summer cabin for a “holiday weekend camp out” with two other couples. The couple that owns the cabin stays in their cabin, we stay in our camper and the other couple stays in their RV trailer.

The weekend will be spent listening/playing Bluegrass music. It’s an interesting group. My wife, a nuclear engineer/physics teacher plays banjo, the veterinarian plays guitar and fiddle and the airline pilot plays the mandolin.

The neighbor (at the summer cabin) is a television reporter that does human interest stories and the reporter is supposedly interested in doing a story about this bluegrass group.

I don’t play music, but I do like listening to it. So, I’ll be doing a lot of reading while I’m listening to the music. On the way to the cabin, we will be stopping at the local library for books.

Strange Happenings

Thanksgiving Day, my wife and I were preparing the feast for ourselves, our daughter, my mother in-law and several of our daughter’s roommates.

My wife had the radio playing…a real FM broadcast radio…so I know it wasn’t a case of an “internet dossier” being used to target content to me.

The radio station played, in order, Bette Midler’s “The Rose”,  Bread’s “Everything I Own” and  Garth Brooks’  “The Dance”.


When my fiancee was in hospice, she wanted to plan her funeral while her mind was still clear–not the usual thing for 21 and 22 year old”kids” to do.  For the music, she wanted each of us to pick a song.  She picked “The Rose”.  I picked “Everything I Own”.    Since it was her funeral, she decided her song should go first.


I can’t imagine a radio station playing those songs together and in that order, especially on Thanksgiving Day.  And I know my wife wouldn’t “do” that to me by calling in a request, so I don’t have an explanation.  Maybe there are ghosts.  If so, my fiancee sure did add a fitting third song.

By the way, she died November 24, 1983.  If you look that up on a calendar, it’s Thanksgiving Day.