Internet Tomorrow, Maybe

The telephone installer is scheduled to arrive tomorrow to install telephone and, hopefully, internet service.

We currently have *some* cellular phone and internet service but even with my knowing the “tricks”, it’s still not very good….it’s hard to make next to nothing “good”, especially when most of the equipment I could use to make it “almost good” is several hundred miles distant.

The service will be DSL and it is claimed I can expect 25 Mbit per second down (5 Mbit per second up) speeds, but I’ll believe it when I see it. I drove my “heap” along the telephone cable route and the nearest DSL access electronics I could find is 5.8 miles distant.

Along the way, I stopped at a (the only) convenience store to fill the heaps’s gas tank. While I was putting gas into the tank, two sheriff’s deputies (training officer and trainee) and a state police officer walked out from the store. They came over to look (gawk) at the truck and after talking with me a few moments, the older deputy remembered me from my days at the police academy.

I have a feeling anyone but me driving the truck will be closely scrutinized. 🙂