Seven Cars

Today, I sold my mother’s car to a good friend of my daughter.  It is a mid 1990s  Buick that has only been driven 66,000 miles.   She only paid $600 for it and the car is in as perfect condition as possible, both physically (no dents or scratches) and in its preventative maintenance.

I would have had no worries if my daughter had wanted to drive, alone, the car across the country, so it should be great car for its new owner.

The car was certainly worth more money than $600, but the car didn’t cost me anything, I wanted to get rid of it and I didn’t mind giving a friend a good deal on a car.

I now own “only” seven cars, including the one my daughter drives.  My goal is to sell one more car. The next one I want to sell has been driven almost 300,000 miles and really needs a complete drive train overhaul before I would want to drive it across the country.  So, it will most likely be sold to a scrap yard.

Then I will be at 6 cars–3 antique ones and 3 modern ones.