(bad words)! I Cut my Finger!

I haven’t felt like typing this past week.

I was fixing the power windows on a car before I sell it and I managed to deeply slice the tip of my pointer finger on my left hand.  Every time I would type, I would be painfully reminded about how “busy” that finger is when typing.

The visibility inside the door cavity of a car is very poor so the work is pretty much all “done by feel”.  I was wearing gloves, but I had cut the finger tips out so I could feel what I was doing.  Knowing there were all sorts of sharp edges inside the door, I was careful…but, obviously, not careful enough.

The neighbor, a doctor, heard my muttered ‘bad words’ and saw me, holding my finger, quickly go inside.  While I was washing the grease and dirt out of the cut (wow, did that ever sting) they came to the door and asked if all was OK.  They took a quick look at the cut and suggested sutures and a tetanus shot.  I’ve had sutures in my finger before–it’s not pleasant–and they reluctantly agreed to trying butterfly bandages.  I’ve seen people hospitalized for tetanus and I had no argument about the tetanus shot.

It’s been almost a week and it’s healing nicely.  Typing doesn’t hurt (much).

Unfortunately I have two more windows to fix.  This is the first time this has happened. Hopefully there won’t be a repeat performance.