For what it’s worth, Coleman doesn’t know I’m writing this post.  If they find this, hopefully they won’t mind.


While we were on vacation, our Coleman stove started to act a bit “funny”;  the stove was difficult to light and the flame was yellow and inconsistent.  This is usually a “generator” problem.

The long tube that comes out of the gas tank and goes across the right hand side gas burner is the generator.

I called Coleman on the telephone, gave them the stove model number and asked if they had a generator.  It arrived in two days.

This was for a stove that had   9  76   stamped on the bottom.  Since I bought this stove used in 1980, I’m guessing this is “September 1976”.  I had the same experience last year when I was needing parts for my similarly aged Coleman lantern.

They do not appear to have given up supporting their older products.  I will keep this in mind when (hopefully when) our daughter needs her own camping stuff.