Our Daughter

On Monday, May 31, she will be leaving her home state (where she was born and has lived her entire life) to move to Michigan. She and her boyfriend will be driving his truck and her car via the fastest route possible to Michigan and it will take them through some fairly high altitudes in the Rocky Mountains..

We will be taking our two dogs with us and our dogs’ veterinarian recommended that we not subject our one (very) elderly dog to high altitudes. So we will be taking a different route that will be a couple of hundred miles farther. And, because traveling with 2 dogs is like traveling with 2 toddlers (bathroom stops, water stops, get out and sniff walk around stops, etc.), we’re expecting to take an extra day to get to Michigan.

They thought about taking our route, but they don’t want to be late for their new jobs.

They will be driving across country and carrying in their vehicles the few things that won’t fit into one of those small household shipping containers, so they won’t have room for camping stuff. She said they’ll be using hotels, but they will be eating only ‘energy bar’ and ‘sandwich’ meals to save as much money as possible.

It all sounds so familiar!

When I was one year younger than my daughter, my fiancee and I drove a VW bug across country to introduce each other to our extended families. Since we weren’t moving and not carrying household stuff, we carried our camping gear. Each night we tent camped and prepared our own meals so we could save as much money as possible.

My fiancee and I had a great adventure. Our daughter and (very serious) boyfriend will have a great adventure. My wife and I will have a great adventure.

On the way home, we will be both thrilled and sad. Our daughter will be assuming her place in the world, which is thrilling, but being half way across the country, we won’t see her as often as we do now…which will be sad.

But as I’ve said before, this is how it’s supposed to be.

Growing Up

Our 23 year old daughter called today and told us that she is almost certain that she will soon be moving to a small town in northern Michigan. I checked and it’s about 2,000 miles/3,200km distant.

As I posted in Today is the┬áDay. we are no longer “center stage”. Now we are more in the audience than before and, again, this is how it should be.

Having our daughter take her place in the world is what we’ve been working toward for her entire life. I’m excited, hopeful and even a bit nervous. I’m sure every parent can relate to these feelings.