I was putting loose change into rolls today and, as usual, I look at the dates on the coins.

A 1970 penny.

I remember January 1, 1970 well. Nothing important happened but I remember that morning as if it was earlier today.

My parents were out in the family room watching some television program I wasn’t interested in watching, so I was in their bedroom, laying on their bed, watching the Rose Parade. I was 9 years old.

In 1970, television reception was something new to me. Up until the first moon landing, we had no reception. The day before the moon landing in July 1969, a group got a mountain top TV relay station going on one channel. It was another week before two other channels were added to the system. The channels broadcast the ABC, CBS and NBC networks.

Anyway, I remember thinking that this was the first time I’d seen the start of a new decade and also thinking the next new date thing for me would be when the century changed. The year 2000. I remember thinking that I’d then be 39 years old, which was *OLD* and then discounted the whole thought as being too far into the future to even be imaginable.

The bedspread on my parents’ bed was avocado green with a pattern of raised lines going the length of the bed. Two lines close together, a space, two more closely spaced lines and continuing this pattern across the bedspread. The television was a Montgomery Ward brand 9 inch black and white model that had a cream colored plastic case. The antenna was a UHF bow tie looking device that attached to the television’s VHF telescoping rod antenna.

I remember all of this, but I don’t remember the details of the Rose Parade. It’s odd as to what gets remembered and what is forgotten.