Running and Chores

Unlike our city home, with it’s back yard completely enclosed by a block wall, our new home has only a yard and it’s not enclosed. So, we can’t just have a small door for the dog to go outside on his own. 6am is about the time we wake up and the dog wants outside around 6:30am. At least one of us goes with him to keep him out of trouble (coyotes) and because we enjoy watching him as he wanders/runs/sniffs around the property. It takes him about 15 minutes to check his P-mail, and when he’s done with that, he RUNS twice around the house and then waits at the door to be let back inside.

Around 7am, my wife and I go running. There is a 2 mile loop we do that is on dirt roads with nearly zero traffic. I had not been running lately because I managed to hurt my knee by kneeling on a stone while I was changing a tire. It’s certainly good to get back running. I missed it. Along the route is a horse that always comes up to the fence and tries to get my attention. I used to stop and rub the horse’s neck but the horse’s owner asked that I not do that. So, the horse is now disappointed when I run by.

I finally got around to putting the little registration stickers on the Jeep’s license plates and putting the registration documents into the under seat tool box. And, after that, I drove the three Jeeps (one at a time) about 5 miles around the neighborhood. Along the way, I stopped and talked with the neighbors that were out….in some cases, making an initial introduction of myself. In each case, I made sure to tell them that I was willing to help them if the need arose…and I got my first chance….pulling hay off of a trailer.

Locks. The lock on the camper door was starting to get a bit unreliable about unlocking. So, I took the lock off of the door and closely examined it. There are a couple of tiny screws that were lose, so I tightened the screws, lubricated the lock with powdered graphite and reinstalled the lock……it’s working perfectly now.

It’s only the early afternoon and I’m done with today’s “gotta get it done” stuff. Now I can work on tomorrow’s stuff before tomorrow becomes today or even yesterday.


2 thoughts on “Running and Chores

  1. That makes me sad. It seems the horse is clearly friendly and probably gets lonely passing the hours. It seems mean to say you cant pet an animal that is seeking you out. I hope it is for a good reason, like maybe the horse has a history of escape and they dont want to encourage any amount of time spent near the fence or maybe other people arent as kind as you and they dont want to desensitize the horse to strangers because it will expect everyone is nice and willingly come to vandals and hooligans. Hopefully its a nice reason but i still find it sad. :/

  2. It makes me sad too.

    I don’t know their reasons and I didn’t think it proper for me to ask. They just asked that I not pet the horse.

    When I run, as soon as I come into view, “horse” trots toward me, whinnying the whole way, until it gets to the fence line. I then get followed until the next corner, which about 1/2 mile.

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