Next Chapter

I don’t know what chapter my life is starting. All I know is that it is a new one.

Today, we signed the papers to buy the house and land where we are “camping”.

It’s customary, here anyway, for the buyers to sign everything first and then have the seller sign everything. The seller was scheduled to sign everything about 30 minutes after we finished, so I hope everything it complete.

Again, the ownership change is not official until the papers are presented to the county government (tax collector) office. This is supposed to happen tomorrow. So, even though everyone has signed everything, we still do not yet own the place yet and we don’t feel it proper to “move in” until it’s really all done.

18-7/8 acres, a 1,600 square foot house, a water well, a septic tank and a whole lot of quiet.

Saturday we are going to remove the camper from the truck and drive back to the city. There we will borrow a 25 foot (7-1/2 meter) long enclosed trailer, load it up on Sunday, and begin moving things to the new home.

I can’t wait to get everything here.

4 thoughts on “Next Chapter

  1. You may not know what your new chapter is, yet, but so far, it’s exciting! In a way that the prospect of a whole lot of quiet can only give. 😀

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