Like I Remember

The home builder said we could stay on the property/home we will be purchasing in less than 2 weeks, so we are not having to pay for a campsite. This is nice because it saves us from paying campground fees and because we are not able to get what we need at the campground store.

Backing up a bit. The builder buys a piece of property, builds a home and then sells it, so it is not a custom home. Still, with just a little bit of work, it will be “just right” for us.


Because we do need to go into town, we are able to learn the rhythms and customs of the area.

We are 12 miles miles (20km) from the nearest grocery store and a round trip is, obviously, twice as far. This is also the closest town. There is a convenience store about 5 miles (8km) distant that sells snacks, soda, beer, gasoline, diesel and propane. I did notice flour, sugar and a few canned goods on the shelves so it is okay for unexpected needs for basic things. This reminds me of my childhood…a “sort of outpost” store not too far away and the larger but farther away stores for the “scheduled trips”.

Unlike the city, which has stores open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, most everything around here is open 8am to 7pm, Monday through Friday, 8am to 1pm on Saturday and most everything is closed on Sunday. This is how it was when I was young.

Obviously police, fire and medical emergencies are handled immediately. Also, electrical utility power, propane fuel deliveries, water well issues, and plumbing problems are considered important enough to be taken care of as quickly as possible, no matter the day or hour. But, I’m sure there would be some annoyance if, repeatedly, someone knew their propane tank was nearly empty and did not schedule a delivery during the week.

We do not have mail delivery to our street address, so we get a free post office box in town…12 miles away. Companies that do not ship via the postal service may be a problem that will need to be worked out. When I was young, if a package could not be delivered to a house (because the house couldn’t be found or the road was too poor to traverse), the package would be left at the local grocery store (and Greyhound bus stop). Everyone shopped there because it was the only grocery store and the employees would bring any delivered packages to customers. I will need to ask around if there is a similar arrangement here.

I remember my father pulling over to see if someone stopped along side the road might need help. A couple of days ago, we stopped along the road where cell telephone service was good so my wife could continue to talk with her cousin. Two people stopped to see if we needed help, so we met two neighbors.

The roads are graded dirt and there are a two places where a rain storm might flood the road and wash the roadbed away. Not far from these places is a huge pile of gravel and a privately owned front end loader. I found out the neighbors take care of these washouts even though the county maintains the road…”we can fix it faster than the county”. I’m sure the folks doing this wouldn’t mind some sort of compensation and if it’s like I remember, offering money would be insulting. So it’s likely the compensation will be offering help with a project or offering to buy the load of gravel that is along side the road. All of the people who stopped to see if we needed help had 2-way radios in their vehicles and I found out this is how they keep in contact with their neighbors. I am skilled with 2-way radio stuff, so maybe this will be my way of providing compensation.

5 thoughts on “Like I Remember

  1. Wow! Your post office is very far away!

    One of the things my husband tried, for places that won’t deliver to a PO Box, but also won’t deliver to our rural address: He used the post office’s physical address, then added our box number as a Unit number, as if it were for an apartment. It worked.

    • I’ll check to see if the post office folks will do that.

      Also, I noticed that the town pharmacy accepts (for sending) Federal Express and UPS packages. I’ll ask if they will hold delivered packages for pickup by customers.

  2. This sounds so much like where i live. I have a friend in the nearest town that i place 2 dollars under her welcome mat every time i retrieve a package from her porch and i just ship my packages that wont do a PO box to her name and address, tell her what im expecting, and she texts me to come into town and retrieve it when its on the porch.

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