Earp is a town in the California desert that is tucked tight against the Colorado River. Across the Colorado River is Parker, Arizona.

When driving home from college, I would pass through the twin cities of Parker and Earp. I would need to fill my car’s gas tank in Parker, but I had to set my travel schedule so that I arrived in Parker before the gas stations closed at 9pm. In the summer, it took some careful planning to leave late enough to not be too uncomfortable in my unairconditioned car, yet still arrive in time to “gas up”.

One time I knew I wasn’t going to make it to Parker by 9pm, so I took along a 2-1/2 gallon can of gasoline and used that to make it home. When I got home and went to the gas station in the morning, the gas pump shut off at 7.8 gallons. So, it took about 10.3 gallons of gas to make the trip. My car had a 10 gallon gas tank. There were no gas stations far enough from home but before Parker to make a difference in the gasoline situation and between Parker-Earp and home there was wonderfully empty desert. So, I MAYBE could have made it home, but….

So, without further talking, a picture of Earp.

The film strip has just this one image, so I can’t date it precisely, but it was with the images showing the progress of the construction of my childhood home. I know the construction images were made in late 1963, so I’m somewhat certain that these images were made around that same time.

2 thoughts on “Earp

  1. Oh, gosh! I remember making road trips, years ago, and making sure to have a can of gas in the trunk, just in case. We would try to stop for gas every couple of hours, but there was many a time when, for all that the maps said we were passing a town, we couldn’t see it from the highway, and didn’t dare take a chance and try and find them. These days, there are a lot more 24 hour gas stations, and I’m thankful for them, but there are still stretches of the Trans Canada Highway, or the Yellowhead, were there’s just nothing.

  2. My wife and I drove some of the Trans Canada Highway and the “ruralness” along the road very much reminded me of home.

    Where I grew up, the nearest 24 hour gas station was almost 90 miles away. My parents kept the car gas tanks at least 1/2 full all the time. Their thought was that if they had to make an emergency trip to “down below” (the big city), they could at least make it to this gas station.

    I adopted their “habit” of keeping the tank full, and do it even now, despite having the nearest 24 hour gas station less than 1/4 mile away. It is a source of mild amusement for my wife. 🙂

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