CO Bound

In this case, it’s Colorado and not carbon monoxide. Tomorrow we are leaving home and heading to Leadville, which is in central Colorado.

We will be participating in the Leadville Trail 100, a 100 mile ultra marathon. No, we are not running the race. We are helping put on the race.

In 2018 we were staying at a campground in Leadville, and one of the race “helpers” couldn’t be there due to a health problem. I had been talking to the guy running the logistics part of the race and my wife and volunteered to help. I guess we did okay. Each year since then we have been asked if we were able to help.

It’s a nice opportunity to help and, just as important, it’s a nice opportunity to go where it’s not 110F/43C.

4 thoughts on “CO Bound

  1. Are you going to use your HT radios? We have been asked to help out with different events this summer. I did not realize how hams were used and needed for such public events until we got our licenses this summer.

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