Great News

Last May, soon after our daughter graduated from university, the two job offers she had received both “evaporated” due to Covid. Since then she’s been working at whatever temporary jobs she could find, so the second interview news was exciting to hear about.

In the past few weeks she was getting lots of second interviews and she didn’t want to wear the same outfit to both interviews. Yesterday, my wife and I had a great time meeting our daughter’s boyfriend and then going Christmas shopping with her to get her more job interview (office clothes).

Today, she called to tell us that at the conclusion of her third job interview at a marketing firm, she was offered a position and she accepted it. Her job will be in the section that does the marketing campaigns for pet stores, humane societies and even the county animal control office. She loves animals and I guess it showed during her interview.

She is thrilled and so am I. Hence the bragging.

3 thoughts on “Great News

  1. Congratulations to your daughter! Getting a new job at this time is quite the feat.

    We’re not allowed to buy clothes where we are right now. They’re not considered “essential.”

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