A Cat. Not a Mathematician.

I am a servant to a 17 year old male long hair domestic cat, most likely a Maine Coon Cat.

He is a very social cat and greets anyone that comes to the house.   We had a gentleman come to the house to give us a cost estimate on recovering a sofa and the cat was in his lap the whole time the man was sitting.

He is afraid of no one and only one thing…the brush.

He hates being brushed and it has always been this way.  Since he was a rescue cat, I’m guessing he had a bad experience with a brush and he never got over it.

He used to hide under the bed  when I would get the brush, but since we got a new bed, he can’t do that any more, so he hides under a sofa or a chair.  Once I put the brush away, he comes over to me and demands my attention.

As you can guess, a long hair cat that hates brushes is a problematic combination.  I sometimes surprise him and get a few brush strokes in before he runs under the sofa ..and then give him some canned tuna cat food as a reward…and get a few more brush strokes.

Today I tried something new. As I picked up the cat brush, I told him he was a cat, not a mathematician and he very much needed to discard his fur mats.

He hid.  I can’t decide if he hid from my attempted math-cat pun or just from he brush.


4 thoughts on “A Cat. Not a Mathematician.

    • Descartes and Fermat, French Mathematicians and philosophers.

      Math-Net (TV show, I’m assuming) isn’t terribly old….I was in grad school then. 🙂

      My college cat was a stray cat of similar breed and personality. Except, she *LOVED* being brushed.

  1. My daughter watched the reruns back in the early 1990’s and even sent away for a Math Net badge (which I think is here someplace). She hated math though.

    • My wife is a nuclear engineer and became a high school physics and chemistry teacher. I’m an electrical engineer. Even though she’s good at math, our daughter hates it.

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