Isuzu Trooper

In late January 1995, my wife and I bought an Isuzu Trooper.  It has been a wonderful and reliable vehicle.  If Isuzu still sold these, I would buy another one.  This car has more than 276,000 miles (440,000km) showing on the odometer and except for the wiring issues, all the work done on this vehicle was for things that would reasonably be expected to need replacement–clutch master cylinder, EGR valve, water pump, timing belt, spark plugs and wires and clutch.

The wiring issues were caused by a transmission shop not bothering to reinstall cable clamps after replacing the clutch.  The lack of the clamps allowed the wires to rub against the edge of the transmission and this wore through the insulation.

The other problem it had was it seem to “attract” rear end collisions.  All were while the vehicle was in a situation where it was required to be stopped and had been stopped for at least 10-15 seconds.  Four of the five crashes were caused by unlicensed and uninsured motorists.  Score zero points for the two laws; one requiring drivers to be licensed and one for requiring all drivers to have liability insurance.

Anyway, after bringing my now 20 year old daughter home from the birthing center and then being used to teach her how to drive, the Trooper is being sold.

It will be odd to not have it in the driveway.

It will be still in my extended “family”.  My best friend’s daughter is buying it for her husband.  I’ve known this lady since she was 3 years old and she is now almost 40.  When she got married, she split the traditional wedding father-daughter dance into two parts, one for dad and one for me.  🙂

They will be using the Trooper on their many thousand acre ranch.


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