Turkey Broth and Canner Gauges

I’m trying to use the food that has been in the freezer for awhile and earlier this week I baked a turkey.

Now I’m making turkey broth.  After simmering the carcass for about 30 hours, the broth is cooling on the counter.  Once it cools enough, I’ll put it in the refrigerator so the fat will harden enough that I can scrape most of it off.

Once that is done, I’ll rewarm it, set up the pressure canner and can the stock.  Depending on where you live this might be called jarring or bottling.

I’m fortunate that one one of my canners has a jiggle weight so it doesn’t need to have the gauge checked.  My other canners have gauges that need a yearly check. Unfortunately, for the last several years I was the only person using the local extension service’s gauge check service and they have since discontinued the gauge checks.

So, I will either have to send off the gauges to the manufacturer and wait, or check them myself.

One possibility is to assume the jiggle weight is correct (jiggle weights don’t need calibration) connect the two canners together and compare the gauge reading with what the weight does.

And I have another more geeky idea; a U-tube manometer.  Or actually, so the thing isn’t so tall, multiple U-tube manometers connected together.

A U-tube manometer is considered a primary standard.  This means it needs no calibration to work correctly and its accuracy is limited only by the care the user takes when making measurements.

Some quick estimates of mine indicate if I get a thermometer that tells me the temperature at least within 10 degrees of actual value and I can measure a distance to within 1/2cm (3/16 inch) I can measure pressures to within 0.2% of the actual value.

I will think about this more after Christmas.


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