For what it’s worth, Coleman doesn’t know I’m writing this post.  If they find this, hopefully they won’t mind.


While we were on vacation, our Coleman stove started to act a bit “funny”;  the stove was difficult to light and the flame was yellow and inconsistent.  This is usually a “generator” problem.

The long tube that comes out of the gas tank and goes across the right hand side gas burner is the generator.

I called Coleman on the telephone, gave them the stove model number and asked if they had a generator.  It arrived in two days.

This was for a stove that had   9  76   stamped on the bottom.  Since I bought this stove used in 1980, I’m guessing this is “September 1976”.  I had the same experience last year when I was needing parts for my similarly aged Coleman lantern.

They do not appear to have given up supporting their older products.  I will keep this in mind when (hopefully when) our daughter needs her own camping stuff.



3 thoughts on “Coleman

  1. This is nice to hear. I have had issues this week replacing a radiator for my 1976 Ford F150. The new radiator did not have the correct size holes drilled to mount the protective fan shroud. If only Coleman’s philosophy would transfer across the board.

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