Pop Up (Tent) Trailer

When our now 19 year old daughter was 2-1/2, we bought a pop up (or tent) trailer.  She called it our “little house”.

Last year (2016) we did not use it–my wife was taking a college class.   The year before (2015) we did not use it–we drove to upstate New York.  The year before that (2014) and every year prior, we used it several times per year.   We even used it when she was undergoing chemotherapy for her breast cancer.  Her thought was that since she was going to feel bad, she might as well do it in a comfortable setting.

When it’s not being used, it sits at a RV storage lot and the bright sun slowly degrades the plastic parts on the trailer.

Today, we brought it home…my wife backs the trailer much “more better” than I…she threaded it in between two cars the first time and without having to pull forward.

So, after setting it up, we took care of everything that needed to be replaced/fixed/maintained.  It took about 8 hours in 105F degree temperatures to take care of everything that needed attention and it’s now ready for camping.

The city enthusiastically enforces the “a RV can only be parked in a driveway for a maximum of three days” ordinance, so tomorrow it will go back to the storage lot and we’ll bring it back Thursday night so we (she) can pack it for a weekend trip to the mountains.

Tonight I put the movie “The Long, Long Trailer” on the television.  It somehow seemed appropriate.



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