Voices From the Past.

I found more memories at mom’s house; a VHS tape labeled Christmas 2002 and an audio cassette tape labeled June 1975.

The VHS tape was of my family opening gifts on Christmas day 2002.  The audio tape was made at the June 1975 reunion of my father’s family.

On the Christmas video tape, my wife had dark brown hair, I had dark hair and only a tiny bald spot, our daughter was four years old and my father, mother and father-in-law were all alive.   It was amazing looking back 15 years.

On the audio tape were the voices of all of my dad’s siblings, all of his siblings’ children and even a few grandchildren of his siblings.  Each person said “Hi” to the family, their name, how they were related and a few words about the family reunion.

As the tapes played, I was surprised that I recognized the voices of the people speaking. I suppose this isn’t unusual for my mom, dad and father-in-law, but  I’m not sure what to think about me instantly recognizing the voices of folks I met only once, more than 40 years ago.


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