Flu Over the Cuckoo Nest

It started last Saturday when I went to the airport to pick up my brother and sister-in-law.  They flew in, I took them to a truck rental place where they rented a truck then it was off to mom’s house to  help pack up stuff that they wanted.

I wasn’t feeling great on Saturday and by Sunday it was all I could do to help move furniture and load the truck.  I got home and the chills started.  103.2F/39.6C was what the fever thermometer indicated.

No work on Monday.  I stayed in bed and felt like “death warmed over”.  The only thing I got done was to make noise coughing.

No work on Tuesday.  I stayed in bed and felt “just plain dead”. I think I ran out of energy to cough.

Wednesday I worked from home.  I stayed in bed, listened to 6 hours of conference calls on my cellphone headset and felt like a zombie….I was dead, but I could slowly stumble out to the kitchen to get something to drink.

Today I worked from home and I may have done some useful work.   I’m a slightly faster zombie now. My head still hurts and my muscles still ache, but I have a sense of humor again…”What did the one casket tell the other casket?”  “Is that you coffin?”

Yes, I did get the flu shot.

While in bed, Cat stayed by my right side, Dog 1 stayed by my left side and Dog 2 stayed at my feet….all guarding me against everything that was evil.


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