Anniversary and Potential Retirement

March 4, 1989, at around 12:30pm, my wife and I exchanged wedding vows.  The past 28 years have gone by in what seems like a flash.  We were looking at our wedding pictures and we looked so young back then. 🙂

Also my wife and I have been reviewing our financial situation and we have come to the conclusion that we can retire at any time.  The “one size fits all, but probably not very well” retirement calculators all indicate we have almost twice as much money as we supposedly need to retire at age 55.  We are age 56 and 57.

My wife is going to teach one more year and I’m going to work until January.



One thought on “Anniversary and Potential Retirement

  1. Having sort of semi-retired (3 days of paid work a fortnight) to the country, I think the biggest challenge is finding value in what you do. Just ‘relaxing’ doesn’t seem to be enough although it should be – you kinda have to be adding value to the world, somehow.

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