Mom’s House

I haven’t been blogging much because my spare time has been taken up going through my mom’s possessions.  So far, the most interesting things I’ve found have been a pair of bed sheets, one sheet had SM 1833  stitched into it, while the other sheet had AM 1833 stitched into it.  With the sheets was a sewing sampler with Agnes M____ Aged 8,  February 10, 1833 stitched at the bottom of it.

This weekend, two daughters of my mom’s cousin arrived from Ohio to organize and scan my mom’s genealogy collection.  One was a professional researcher and even she was astonished by the volume and quality of mom’s records.

I knew that an Agnes M married a Samuel M on February 10, 1833, but I couldn’t figure out the “aged 8” part.  The two ladies were able to shed some light on this.   Samuel’s first wife died giving birth to Agnes and 8 years later, Samuel married a lady named Agnes.

They carefully looked at the stitching in  the sampler and the initials in the sheets and it was obvious the same person did both.  So, we are guessing this was young Agnes’ wedding gift to her father and new step-mother.

It is hard to believe that these items were 183 years old.   The two sisters teared up when I asked if they would like to have them.



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