Syria and Me.

Yesterday, my wife and I were honored to be able to drive 75 people to a Catholic school.  These 75 people had recently arrived to the USA after escaping from Aleppo, Syria and we were bringing them to a combination of a welcome and an early Thanksgiving dinner.  Seeing people of the Muslim faith pray at a Catholic school, while the principal of the school, a Catholic nun, reverently watched, should be an example to the world.

I can’t imagine what they have been through and are going through.  Imagine your country, city, neighborhood and home being destroyed by war, fleeing for your life with nothing and coming to a country where you don’t know the language, don’t know the customs and don’t know the laws.

My most amazing moment of the evening occurred when I was smiling at a tiny infant.  The infant’s father looked up at me, picked up his son and held him out for me to hold.  As I held his son for a few minutes, a man that spoke English and Arabic, told me the infant boy was only 2 months old and they had been in the USA for only 6 weeks.

The faith that this new father had in me, a man that he had never seen before, was absolutely humbling.  Our spoken languages were different, but the language of smiles and emotions spoke with perfect clarity.

To the young father.  Thank You. Your gift to me was wonderful.  I shall cherish it always.





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