Haven’t Done Much Lately

I noticed it’s been a few weeks since I wrote anything.    The school bus has turned into a petri dish and I’ve become the growth medium.  Normally I can sail through a season without getting sick, but not this time.  I can’t say I feel bad–just low energy.

One of the things I’ve been wanting to do is to put on my engineering hat and figure out how to check my canner pressure gauges.  The local Cooperative Extension Service office used to do this, then stopped, then started…and now I can’t tell.

But my last few weeks of low energy–fighting whatever is causing me a very sore throat–has put me behind. I”m starting to feel almost alive again, but now I have to catch up.

As I pulled into the driveway last night, I noticed the “squeakers” start up on the disc breaks on the car.  The parts for this will arrive in about 45 minutes.  So that will be my project today.  Fortunately a disc brake job isn’t that terribly time consuming nor energy intensive.  In an effort to further save my energy, I may fire up the compressor and go with the air tools.  They are noisy, but save time.


In amusing thought.  My wife is a nuclear engineer that took up teaching high school physics the day after the last radiation treatment for her stage 3 breast cancer diagnosis.  This year she added high school chemistry to her “bag of tricks”.    A few days ago, she proudly showed me her latest purchase….the entire series, on DVD, of the TV show “Breaking Bad”.  So far there has been no old motor home….

Fortunately both of us share the attitude that meth is 100% EVIL. 



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