Our daughter seems to be adjusting to dorm life very nicely.  The arrangement is 2 girls in one room and two girls in the adjacent room with common bathroom for both rooms.  So far the only issue has been one girl in the adjoining room that is running a bit wild and annoying the other three girls.  When everyone was moving in, I met “wild child” and her parents.  My guess is that it’s a case of her never being allowed any freedom at home and now she’s not sure how to live without a parent keeping things under control.  Everyone is hoping she settles down.  I think she will settle down once she realizes the hangovers and people making fun of her drunkenness are not as fun as it seemed a few weeks ago.

This summer was the final year of a lady’s 27 years of driving the school bus.  Since then, the school has been looking, without success, for a new driver.  Until they find a regular driver, I’m driving the bus every morning.

This means the alarm clock rings at 4:45am instead of 5:30am and the day ends, as usual, with me getting home around 7pm.

They have someone that has stepped up to the challenge and is studying for their class B commercial driver license with the P and S endorsements.   While driving the bus is a lot of fun, I will be glad to get the extra 45 minutes “sack time” each morning.

The old Volvo I drive to work had a slight oil leak that I fixed.  The oil from the leak contaminated the insulators on the spark plugs and that was causing a misfire–the engine was running rough and getting worse than normal gas mileage.  After cleaning things, the engine is now running perfectly.  This isn’t bad for a car with close to 400,000 miles on it.



2 thoughts on “Rambling

  1. J. says:

    Working at a college and always having to deal with roommate problems year after year, unfortunately with the “wild child’s” there tends to be an incident that is extremely regrettable that will calm them down. Or they’ll see their grades slipping and parents will feel they’re wasting their money sending their child to a school to only skip class and party more than studying. I also think talking to an RA about suggestions about how to approach telling her to cool it works too. I hope it calms down soon for the girl’s health and of course to show respect to others around.

  2. Thanks. Your and my thoughts on this are very much the same.

    Daughter says “wild child” has calmed down a bit. She was laughing as she explained that she wasn’t exactly sure what calmed “wild child”….the talk with the suite mates, classes starting, the fallout from the phone call wild child didn’t remember making to her parents, or the multiple all day long bed side conversations with the trash can.

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