Today the old Volvo, if I hadn’t had a few tools, would have stranded me.

In my Volvo, three things must occur in order to shift the transmission out of “Park”.

  1. The ignition key must be “on”
  2. The brake pedal must be pressed
  3. The button on the back of the shift knob must be depressed.

All three of these things were being done, yet I could not shift the transmission out of “Park”.

There is an override button, but that didn’t work either

I’m a big enough that I can’t fit under the Volvo, so I had to jack up the car body about an inch–not enough to lift the wheels though–block the wheels, disconnect the shift selector mechanism (this where the tools come in), start the engine and shift the car into gear from underneath the car.  It wasn’t exactly the safest thing to do, but I did all I could to minimize the risk.  I was either lucky or my precautions were sufficient. 🙂

I was able to drive home and get the car into the driveway.  I have the shift selector exposed but it got dark before I could find the problem.

Tomorrow I’m going to yet another bank to do more trustee stuff for my mom, fix her car’s power window and, sometime, fix my car.

It’s supposed to be over 110F tomorrow.


College tuition is coming up and in the past month we bought two new cars (no loans).  I’m trying to save money so I can retire early and spending  $40,000 on two cars doesn’t help with that goal. So, I’m going to do all I can to keep the old car running.


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