The Phone Call, Part 6


It is all consuming.  I’m basically taking over my mother’s 78 years of adulthood (back then, adulthood happened at age 21) in just a few hours.

My parents lived through the Great Depression and they told me that they saw banks close without paying their depositors.  Now, if a bank closes without paying the depositors, the deposits are insured by the US Government’s FDIC. I think my parents thought it would take a long time for the FDIC to make the payments and to protect themselves against having to wait a long time, they opened accounts in many different banks.

I have finished this at two banks and I have started the process at two other banks.  There are twelve more banks on my list. Then there are the investment companies, utility companies, taxing authorities, doctors, hospitals and insurance companies.  Fortunately mom kept reasonably good records, so I don’t have to search around for the information.

The process is not hard but it is mind numbing.

So far, it has been taking about 3 hours to complete the process at each place…three hours of being forced to face the fact that my proud, amazing, capable and intelligent mom is now “only” proud and amazing.  It’s all I can do to not tear up while I am meeting with the bank managers.

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