The Phone Call, Part 5

I now have all the necessary documents signed and notarized so I can start signing documents on my mom’s behalf.

It will make things easier for me, but I don’t like it.  Over the years, she has had many “jobs” and many roles..and has, in my mind, always been Supermom.

Before World War II, she graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Organic Chemistry.  This was a testament to her and to her parents.  Back then, a woman going to college to be other than a teacher or a nurse was unusual.

During World War II she was a Lieutenant in the US Navy, helping to develop synthetic rubber and also working on improving submarine batteries.

After World War II, she met my dad, a US Marine and they were married in 1946.  So she became a wife.  Often times, dad would be sent across country on short notice. He would fly, and mom would drive.  In the early 1950s, a woman driving a car across the country, by herself was, like her college degree, unusual.

She became a mom, twice, when my brother and I were born.  This is the role I most cherish and remember.

When dad retired from the marines, I was 4.  We settled down in one place and mom studied and practiced a lot and became a midwife.  When the role of nurse practitioner was created, mom studied, passed the test and did a lot more work.  She was then a nurse practitioner-midwife.

I just realized this sounds like an obituary, but it’s not.  It’s to tell about my amazing mom and why I call her Supermom.

Dementia has crept into her mind, and my life. Thinking of her, her personality and her skills, capabilities and accomplishments is like looking at a faded photograph.  The image is there to remind me of what was, but the brilliance of the image is gone and that reminds me of what is.


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