Prom night

Last night was our daughter’s prom.  She was absolutely gorgeous and I’m saying that not just because I’m her dad.

A friend of mine is a professional photographer and, for free, he did both her senior portraits and her prom pictures.

Last night my wife and I took he and his wife out to dinner.  It was a Japanese restaurant and the chef cooked our meal at a shared table.  We shared the table with four young prom couples–our daughter was not among them, nor did any of the couples go to her school.

They were polite and well mannered and it was fun to share a table with them.

I didn’t go to prom, even though I had a tailored full formal evening wear “outfit”….white tie, tailcoat, etc….  It was over 2 hours, each way, driving time from the school to the prom  location and I didn’t feel like driving that far dressed like that in an un air conditioned car in the hot desert.

I wonder if I missed anything.


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