Cars and Toilets

I’m hoping I can get back to the dynamotor again.   This weekend was spent doing car stuff.

First was the clutch master cylinder on the Isuzu Trooper, then the brakes on my CJ3A Jeep and finally all the suspension bushings for our daughter’s 1993 Volvo.

Once all that was done, I took care of chores at my mom’s house.  Last weekend she broke the toilet (again), so I  spent last Sunday replacing the toilet as well as cleaning up the (fortunately fresh) water that went all over the floor.

Today, the neighbors thought I was nuts…I carry a broken toilet from her garage to the front yard, bring out a flashlight and closely inspect “the remains”.

I finally figured out what was happening.  When my mom (her 98th birthday is in a few days) sits down on the toilet, she almost crashes back against the tank.   Eventually the porcelain breaks around the bolts that hold the tank to the bowl…and the place floods..

So, this afternoon it was off the to lumber store for a 2X4 and a wood blade for my saber saw.  The tank is now nicely cradled in the custom cut wood brace and I’m hoping I won’t be buying any more toilets..

Now that the brace is textured like the wall, painted and tied into the wall studs, it looks good and is a nice shelf for a spare toilet paper roll.


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