Memories of University

Yesterday our daughter, my wife and I attended the “desert university” campus tour.  This university is my alma mater.

The whole time I was there, I was remembering how it was when I was there from late 1979 to the mid 1980s.  The character of the school felt the same and the students reminded me of my young self.  The only difference is that most of the open areas I remembered have been replaced with new buildings.  It was, for a little while, a bit difficult for me to  fit my old mental map to the new reality of the place.

During the guided part of the tour, we walked right by where I first met met my girlfriend/fiancee and I stopped and looked around for just a brief moment.  In this area of campus, about the only thing that has changed since that February in 1980 was the style of bike racks.  The “1980 style” bike racks put the bikes side by side and mere inches apart.   This made it easy to accidentally put a lock through two bikes at one time.  This is not possible with the new bike racks.

My bike being immobilized by her bike lock was how I met her.  Had the new bike racks been in use in 1980, this would not have happened and I likely would have never met her. And, had I not met her, I would be a different person.  It’s amazing how the little things can have such an impact on a life.


Oh, I think our daughter has decided to go to my alma mater. Not because it’s my alma mater or because the other school is “lacking”, but because this school has the business program that exactly fits her dreams.  Like me at that age, she has dreams.  Her dream is to work in the business office of a professional sports team.


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