Limbo II and car repair

My wife got some more news yesterday.  Her CEA (CEA is a somewhat reliable blood test that indirectly measures cancer cell activity within a human body) is 31.  Less than 2.5 is normal.

Between this, the spot, and my three decades old experiences with my fiancee, I’m worried.

We’ll deal with it if it becomes necessary.


I had to fix my daughter’s car today.  Well, I didn’t have to, but I wanted to.  Thursday night it stalled alongside a roadway and had to be towed home.  I was able to complete the repair in three hours at a cost of $2.  The $2 was for some fuel line to make an excellent but very unusual repair to the failed fuel pump.  When I called a repair shop and asked the price to replace a defective in-tank fuel pump, I got a “$600 (I looked and that is an accurate price) for the fuel pump-sending unit assembly, $200 for labor (I’m guessing they are guessing it would be about 3 hours to do the work) and about $15 in shop fees”…so the estimate, I felt, was an honest one.

For the savings of $800, I got to forget about cancer for three hours.   Being able to repair cars is so useful.



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