A New Breakfast–Simple Too

If you haven’t figured it out, this engineer (me) loves to cook and has a long history with very old family heirloom cast iron cookware.

Yesterday my mom was  some receiving some medical tests and while she was away with the medical technicians, I entertained myself by reading through wordpress posts with the “cast iron” tag.

That’s how I came to find Andrew’s Fit Foods (andrewsfitfoods.com) recipe for Tuscan Potatoes and eggs.

After I took my mom home, I went to the store to get fresh fennel and prepared Andrew’s recipe this morning.  I grow yellow pear tomatoes in a large pot that I can move inside when it gets too hot or too cold outside, so I substituted those for the cherry tomatoes.

I thought it would make a good presentation to serve my wife and daughter with their own skillets, so I used fajita skillets in their wood “cradles” and served the eggs atop the potatoes.

This is definitely going into my “little red notebook” of recipes.

I use an old Hermes Ambassador (manual) typewriter to type the recipes onto heavy acid free archival bond paper.  I’ve dealt with enough almost 100 year old engineering reports typed on good paper and enough 30 year old engineering reports on 8 inch floppy disks created with WordStar on a CP/M computer  — and it’s obvious to me that a typewriter and good paper totally outperforms computers for low volume storage applications.  So, I’m off to uncover the old typewriter and start typing.


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