The Phone Call, Part 2

My brother canceled the first trip and instead came in for a day just before Christmas.  I asked him for some help regarding assuming control of mom’s trust and he said he’d talk to me later.  Just as he was leaving for the airport, I brought it up again.  He told me, “Do what needs to be done.  I’ll sign what needs to be signed”, closed the car door and drove off.


I left a message with an elder care lawyer today that everyone says is very good and I’m hoping they will soon return my call.

As an engineer, I’ve, several times, had to deliver the “if you had called me first, it would have been a lot easier and a lot less expensive” news.

If I did this myself, I would likely hear the same words….hence calling in a lawyer.

It breaks my heart that my brother, an hour airline flight away, is so unhelpful.  It breaks my heart even more that this needs to be done.  I so very much want my mom  back the way she was 30-40 (but I’d take even 10) years ago…but I know it won’t happen.



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