After running 3 miles today, I went back over to my mom’s place to continue with the cleaning of dad’s workroom.

The tools are amazingly interesting and I will make room for them even if I have to rent a storage place.  Nearly all the tools are *old*, but are in perfect shape and most of them are no longer commonly used.

When is the last time you’ve seen or used a white gas fired lead pot, caulking irons, joint runners and oakum?

How about a spoke shave?

How about a white gas powered blow torch, soldering coppers, bars of solder and a tub of sal ammoniac?

I even found a couple of hard wood blocks and a clamp looking “thing”  that took me awhile to figure out….they are to hold the parts of a 1911A1 (old style military service pistol) while it is being disassembled and to adjust the rear sight on the pistol so the shooter can hit their target.


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