My Birthday.

I recently celebrated my birthday by buying a mid 1970s vintage Hobart made KitchenAid stand mixer.  It’s model number is K5-A and it has all the attachments.

In college I had wanted a stand mixer (probably an odd ‘want’ for a 20 year old guy), but the finances were such that I never bought one.

Thirty plus years later, I am “cruising” craigslist and see the advertisement for the mixer.  It was my birthday, the old “want” came back and my finances could very easily afford the $100 asking price…so I bought it.

I am so worth it! 🙂

It looks to be in great shape.  Still, I’m going to go up to the appliance parts place and get a small container of grease.   I don’t know if it has ever been greased and maintained…so I’m going to make sure everything is ready to go.

After the cleaning/greasing/maintenance, my first project with the mixer is making beef chorizo.







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