I’m in Maryland, sitting in the hotel laundromat with 11 minutes left for the washing machine to finish up the load.  It is in the middle of a spin cycle right now and it sound like it’s going to take off.  $1.50 for a wash and $1.50 for a dry.  The dryer takes around 45 minutes.  I remember this from my stay here this summer.

The work isn’t as sweaty this time, but it is more dirty, so the uniforms need washing just as often as this summer.  My workout clothes–I run 4-5 miles per day–NEED it.

My daughter just sent me a picture of what she’s been doing with the pork that I roasted and froze before I left and it looks good.  I think my wife is pretty happy that our daughter is cooking.

I miss my family and I miss being able to use huge amounts of free time.

At home, I’ve got about 2 hours of time between getting home and heading to bed, and I have a lot to do.  In Maryland, I have about 6 hours between “home” and “to bed” and little to do.

There is a saying, “Sometimes you eat the bear, Sometimes the bear eats you.”  The daily Per Diem rate for tips, meals, etc., is $59 per day.  The hotel has a free breakfast and a small but decently equipped kitchen.

I spent $47 for food at the local grocery store on Sunday evening and, so far, I’ve used that for lunch and dinner every night but the night I took “test daughter” out for dinner.  I probably have another 3 days before my “tucker bag” is empty, so this time, “I’m eating the bear”.


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