Maryland, again

I’m in Maryland again, doing basically what I did in July; along with a dozen other people, inventory equipment, make up new inventory sheets and ensure the equipment is still fully functional.

The highlight of the trip was to visit my older “test daughter”.  I met the two sisters when they were just old enough to run up to hug me around my knees and have known them virtually their whole lives. They are now 40 and 38 years old and they’re the ones that came up with the term “test daughter”.  They said the term came about because it was as if I were testing things out with them to see if I wanted a daughter of my own.

I feel privileged that they and their parents trusted me like they did.

At both weddings, there were two father daughter dances…one with dad and one with “test dad”.  When folks asked about it, they explained that I was just as much a father to them (and as equally protective) as their “real father”.

And now, it is the most amazing feeling when I get to see them as the adults they are and continue to share in their lives.

And now, my daughter, age 17, stands on the threshold of adulthood.  I hope my experiences as a “test dad” have made me an even better dad for her.


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