Tongue Tripper Exercise.

Today I ran on a treadmill…it kind of reminds me of some days in the office..bust my hump and not get anywhere. 🙂

The reason I wanted to try the treadmill was because, unlike road running, I can’t  sneak any slow downs (the only way to slow down on a treadmill is to push a button).

So, what I did was to set the treadmill to a 10 minute mile, but kept increasing the grade until I thought I was going to trip on my tongue.  The last 7 minutes was at the maximum grade capability (15%) of the treadmill.

After I quit “raining” on the gym floor, I headed home and stopped at the grocery store for apples–Jazz or Pink Lady variety.  When I went inside the store, I instantly started shivering.  When that happens, I know I really pushed myself.


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