How I Met My Fiancee

We met by the bicycle rack outside of the physics building. It was after my last class of the day; mid afternoon Friday of the start of the USA Presidents Day holiday weekend.  It was the 2nd semester of my college freshman year (1980).

The meeting was purely accidental and my first emotion at the meeting was annoyance.  I had skipped lunch and was looking forward to going to the charcoal grilled hamburger and french fries place, but I couldn’t leave because someone had locked their bike lock through my bicycle’s wheel.

A few minutes later a girl comes out and starts to unlock *that* lock.  She was ****H**O**T**** (please pardon the sexist comment) in looks, how she talked, how she acted and how she presented herself……kind of tall, thin, short hair, smart, freckles and very tomboyish….so I hid my annoyance.

When she realized what had happened, she apologized and went on to say the line for lunch was so long that she had to leave the line before she could get any food and ended up in a rush to not be late for a test.

Since we were both hungry, I offered that I was going to get a hamburger and ended with a “if you’d like to go?????”.   She looked me over, thought about it and finally said yes.

It was a sort of first date and it was wonderful.  We ended up talking the afternoon away, then the evening, then the night and then until the place closed, which on a Friday night/Saturday morning, was probably 2 or 2:30am. The place wouldn’t serve beer to us since she wasn’t old enough, so the conversation was not beer fueled–just french fries and soda.  By the time we had to leave, I don’t think there were any secrets between us.

Only two first dates didn’t have any first date awkwardness…this one and the first date with my wife….


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