This should be interesting. USERRA.

Our daughter went to the doctor on July 3 for a routine checkup.  I just got a letter in the mail from the medical insurance company stating the charges would not be covered because my medical insurance was not in effect at the time.

My employer says that when I go out on military leave, my health coverage stops at the end of the month.

USERRA, 38 USC 4317 (a) (2) , the law that covers military leaves of absence from the workplace says that medical insurance continues for the regular employee rate of payment of premiums for military leave absences of less than 31 days and for more than 31 days military leave absence, I can elect to pay 102% of the total premium for up to 24 months.

I went on military leave the 28th of June and returned the 11th of July.

So, my employer canceled the medical insurance as of 1 July and reinstated it on 14 July.

I got two days of coverage…that seems to be a bit less than what should have happened.


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